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CubeCart Mods

Cubecart Mods

CubeCart was a favourite choice of e-commerce solution here at Dijitul when we first started making online shops Рthis means we know the platform well and have created many addons and plugins for the platform.

Out of the box CubeCart offers the majority of features that a standard e-commerce site would require, however we also know the limitations that CubeCart has.

Our in-house team are always under the hood of CubeCart creating modules and modifying the core.

If you require us to look at any cubecart related development then please get in touch – we can modify existing modules or create new ones.

NB if the mod is encoded then you need to source the original files and get permission from the mo author before asking us to modify it.

In the meantime contact us to discuss custom CubeCart work or to purchase one of our pre-made CubeCart modules.